I'm starting a new piece of glass artwork this month.

The design is based on Wells Cathedral in Somerset, UK. I visited the City of Wells to take reference photos, as the inside of the historic cathedral is really inspiring - full of the curves and angles I love!

The main arch is a stunning piece of architecture - and I hope to do it justice.

I've picked joyful and vibrant glass colours to work with ... I particularly like the opaque orange glass, which wins me over every time 🧡

After completing the initial design, I reproduced all the pattern pieces in vinyl using the Cricut, which makes cutting much easier. Nevertheless there's some very long thin curves in this design, which are quite challenging to cut.

These long, thin glass curves have a life of their own. The orange opaque curve is particularly narrow ... while the wispy glass doesn't always play fair - and often breaks in the wrong place 😟

These videos show the initial design ideas, choosing the glass and cutting it to fit perfectly.

The next stage will be washing all the pieces before building the complete glass art in the kiln - I'll cover this in a separate post!

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