Meet the Maker

Linda Rossiter - Hard Edge glass art pioneer

I'm a Hard Edge glass artist, living and working in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, UK.

I've been lucky enough to be a professional artist all my working life.

At age sixteen I won a National Gallery 1st prize and so went on to study fine art in London.

After 6 years of art study, I subsequently graduated in computer graphics & animation - a natural outlet for my love of art and maths and order.

National Gallery 1st prize

Early geometric artwork

Studio Rossiter Video and Multimedia Awards

Video and Multimedia awards

By the 90s I was busy running my own animated video company with a team of up to 20 people.

I quickly acquired an international clientele, working for some quite amazing people from many different countries.

On the way I picked up 13 awards for my work, which included major international and national awards.

But this was never going to be enough …

Serious love of glass art started 12 years ago when I was in Turin searching for a cheap restaurant to feed the family.

Quite by accident I discovered my first ever glass art shop, nestled somewhere round the back of the ancient bustling university.

Glass was a revelation!

Turin, Italy

Turin shopping arcade

Linda Rossiter - glass terrarium

It all started here

I didn’t know glass could look so brilliant, and be so joyful. It matched my dreams, my artistic vision, the spirit of my soul!

Emotionally blown-away by the potential of what glass art could achieve, I took a big chance and began working exclusively with stained glass.

It became a personal daily obsession to combine glass and colour together.

From the get-go, I designed geometrically as this seemed the obvious way to bring out the sheer thrill of the light, reflections and vivid colours that gives glass artwork its passion and appeal.

This style has since been labelled the Hard Edge Glass Art style, of which I’m proud to be a pioneer and innovator.

In 2021 I set up a professional-level fused glass workshop and adjoining design studio.

This allowed me to totally commit to the Hard Edge style with its extraordinary bright coloured, strong-angled geometric designs.

Glass Art By Linda - Studio

Glass workshop area

Linda Rossiter - Glass Artist

Linda Rossiter - Hard Edge glass artist

I’ve been lucky too.

By sheer fluke, one of my very earliest fused glass artworks got an unbelievable 14.5 million video views on social media, and sent customers coming in from as far away as Calgary, Florida and New York, as well as locally in the UK and Europe.

Very quickly, a big industrial-scale specialist glass kiln was installed in order to satisfy my ambition to produce larger, more powerful artworks.

Notable works of which I’m proud ...

The finished work shapes I produce are mainly glass art roundels, wall collages, and panels, plus the unusual commission designs my wonderful patrons frequently dream up!

And despite having enjoyed early success, I feel my Hard Edge glass art mission has only just begun!

If ever you want to commission a custom piece from me, this page is a great place to start.

Linda Rossiter 2023