Glass Art By Linda

Contemporary Glass Art

Glass Art By Linda

Bright and colourful one-of-a-kind original pieces of art glass.

Linda spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week designing, producing or dreaming contemporary glass art.

Bowls, plates, dishes, coasters, trinket bowls - all made to shine in your home.

All work is original. There is no mass production. Every single piece is unique.

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Shop: glassartbylinda
Instagram: handmade.bylinda
Facebook: glassartbylinda

The studio - where it all happens

Linda’s Glass Art studio is divided into four main areas:

- the Kiln Room with two kilns, one for creative design and experiments, and one for glass art production & finishing.

- the Workshop where all the cutting and assembly takes place.

- the Design & Print Studio, where Linda develops all her ideas using Adobe software.

- the Photography Studio, purpose designed for photographing contemporary glass art to a high standard.

Fused glass dish : Glass Art by Linda


108 Kestrel Park,
West Lancs WN8 6TB

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Shop: glassartbylinda
Instagram: handmade.bylinda
Facebook: glassartbylinda