Glass art reimagined: Explained

Reimagining original glass art to your design ideas

Let’s say you love an original glass artwork Theme by Linda, but want changes.

You may want to recolour it, reshape it, redesign it, or even rename it.

We call this Reimagining Glass Art.

Reimagining the Theme of an original work to your ideas is straightforward.

You can Reimagine glass art to your individual design ideas, your personal thoughts or feelings, or whatever makes you tick

- confidently guided by the original glass art Theme.

You can now reimagine any piece you like, whether a large glass roundel on a stand, a small table bowl, or a wall-mounted set of glass pieces. 

Take a look at the following examples and see how other customers have reimagined original works from Glass Art by Linda

Examples of reimagined originals

Informal Hard Edge glass art sculpture display

1 - The original

Chequer roundel

2 - Reimagined

Chequer roundel

Floral fused glass roundel: Glass Art by Linda

1 - The original

Floral roundel

2 - Reimagined as coasters

Floral coasters

A fused glass Art Gallery comprising 8 fused glass artworks by Glass Art by Linda. Unique designs in vivid colours in a Hard Edge glass art style

1 - The original wall set

Gallery montage

2 - Reimagined as coasters

Gallery coasters

1 - The original

Swirls bowl

Swirls bowl in blues - Glass Art by Linda

2 - Reimagined

Swirls bowl

3 Different ways to Reimagine an Original Theme

Any original Theme can be reimagined, recoloured, reshaped, redesigned, or even renamed. Pick one

Reimagining 1: Recolour

Suggest recolour changes you like, such as “I want a blue-green version of this red-orange piece”

Write to me, tell me your ideas, and I’ll produce a coloured sample for you.

Reimaging 2: Resize and Reshape

You may want a roundel to become a tall rectangle to fit in with your existing interior design ideas and spaces.

Or you may want a dozen boardroom coasters based on a larger centrepiece bowl.

You might even want a set of wall-mounted pieces based on elements of a previous larger work.

All doable.

Reimagining 3: Redesign

You can reimagine the design of a Theme.

For example, "Replace the roses with sunflowers."

Or you might want a heart motif, or something of sentimental value, or even an important word or name inserted into the original design.

Again, all doable.

This is how your journey in glass art is developed and reimagined

Anything is possible. It just takes an idea.

Write in and ask. I’m happy to talk.

Orangerie and reimagined coasters

6 ways you can reimagine

There are no limits to the way an art Theme can be reimagined, large or small.

This is the time to unleash your own ideas!

To help, here are six Reimagine Ideas - you’ll probably think of at least another couple more to add to the list!


To keep the same Theme as the original, but recolour it to a fresh palette

"Spring" fused glass artwork

Before: Original colour theme

"Spring" recoloured - design ideas

After: Reimagined colour theme


Combine letters to make a name, place or word you love

Alphabet fused glass coaster

Before: Original alphabet coaster

After: Reimagined as LOVE - with a heart replacing the "O"


Reshape a Theme from circular to square

"Stairs" fused glass roundel

Before: Original roundel

Stairs design - square alternative

After: Redesigned in a square shape


Produce a bowl as a roundel

Chequer large bowl in fused glass

Before: Original bowl

After: Reimagined as a glass roundel


Floral - a more complex design, with different flowers and blooms

Floral design of fused glass

Before: Original bowl

Floral fused glass art

After: Redesigned and recoloured


Sentimental place - where you got married, or your home, or where you proposed

"Wells" fused glass art

Before: Original architectural Theme

After: Redesigned building


Will my reimagined work be an authentic original?

Yes. Artists throughout history have continuously developed their ideas and themes with the help of patrons. Picasso and Monet stand out as obvious examples.

Each reimagined work comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, plus a small discrete “Linda ‘24” signature etched on the back of the glass, so you can be sure your piece is an original.

How much does it cost to reimagine?

Typically a reimagined piece costs the same as the original, or perhaps a bit more if the redesign work is extensive.

Can I send you a photograph of what I like, and you tell me what it costs?

Yes. Once I can see an idea that you have, such as a photograph of a place, your rooms, or your beloved I can start to get ideas, and send you a range of sample costs.

I have an idea but am not sure if it’s feasible in glass art.

I love to hear ideas. I'm an artist!

Describe what you want as best you can, and I'll develop a possible solution for you which we can both then discuss until we get it perfect.

Email me at:
linda(at) and tell me in your own words what you're thinking of.

Can I have my astrology sign embedded in the work?

Yes. This sort of redesign is great fun to do. You could have any symbol, name or sentimental motif you like. Can do!

I'm an artist. Can I have one of your originals with my colour ideas?

Yes. I love working with people with strong colour ideas. Send me a sample palette, and I'll revert with answers.

Getting started

It's best to email me so we can have a proper conversation about what you're imagining.

I don't mind casual inquiries if you're still unsure about what you really want, or if you're really seeking professional art guidance to gel your ideas together. It's all good

Write to me here: linda(at)

I'll reply promptly.

Can we give customers the last word?

"Linda had been frequently keeping in touch with us and showed us pictures at various stages of the making.

We were excited and looking forward to the end products, surely they didn’t disappoint.

Linda took great care in packing so we received our order in perfect condition."

"Not only is Linda’s artwork amazing, but her customer service is just as impressive.

She stayed in contact throughout the creative process.

I highly recommend this artist! You will not be disappointed."