This summer I've been working on a new piece of glass art - Orangerie.

It's a large 470mm glass art roundel, inspired by tropical glass houses and Orangeries throughout Europe.

Imagine the experience of walking into a tropical palm house and suddenly being hit by waves of colour, foliage, fragrances and tangible warmth.

This is what I've tried to recreate in glass!

Here's the production videos from my Instagram account so far. You'll see

- choosing the art glass

- cutting the first pieces of the design in glass

- fitting the pieces perfectly together!

This work will be launched to the public on Tuesday 26th Sept 2023.

Subscribers to my newsletter get 1st dibs 24 hours Early Access, so you can see it before anyone else.

If you'd like early access, please subscribe here on the Orangerie pre-launch page.

You'll be in-the-know a day early - and also get a unique free special offer!

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