Cutting large glass circles is the scariest thing I do, as that single sheet of glass is really expensive - and easy to break 😱

I need the clear glass circle to lay over the top of circular glass artwork when it goes into the kiln - as all my work is produced with 2 layers of glass. 

The clear glass is rested on some old towels, so there's a bit of flexibility which helps when I break it.

This is the sequence of events ...

1: Squaring off the glass, so I don't waste too much
2: Warming the glass so it cuts more easily
3: Setting up my Silberschnitt circle cutter
4: Painting oil on where I want to cut the glass, so that the blade will run smoothly
5: Scoring the complete circle on the glass
6: Carefully turning the glass over
7: Pressing the back of the score to open it
8: Turning over the scored glass again
9: Scoring from the circle to the edge of the glass
10: Breaking away the edges of the circle
11: Admiring the finished glass disc!


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