Have you ever been in a shop that sells art glass? Amazing :)

This month I needed a large sheet of clear glass, called 96 ICE.

It's expensive and risky to use a courier, as they don't offer insurance for transporting glass in the UK, so it was the perfect excuse for a visit to Pearsons Glass in Liverpool.

This video shows me on the shop floor, looking around at the huge variety of glass available.

There are hundreds of large sheets of glass in racks from all the major suppliers, like Oceanside and Bullseye Glass.

But the shop area still feels very safe - though sturdy shoes are a must!

You can see that I asked them to cut the sheet I bought into smaller pieces, as it wouldn't fit in my little car otherwise :)

In the UK, art glass is currently quite expensive, so I wasn't tempted into buying any other pieces this time - but with such a range of colours it won't be long before I return for more - at least some small hobbycraft size pieces for testing!

This video shows me walking round Pearsons Glass, admiring pieces of Oceanside art glass.

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