Hard Edge glass art ... it starts with a sheet of colour ... and ends with an intricate glass design 😊

I've been working on a large bowl, with eight matching coasters.

It's a fairly complicated geometric design with a lot of curved pieces - so cutting the glass has been quite a challenge.

Starting from pencil sketches, I developed the artwork on my computer, creating a pattern that I could print out full size.

I tested a variety of colour schemes, from cool tones, to hot colours ... through to a full rainbow palette. Having chosen the rainbow, I also added in black and white chequers to give a strong focal point.

I think that the vibrant colours will fit in with many of your home decor ideas.

After translating my colour ideas into exact art glass colours, I cut out each piece of the pattern in Oceanside 96 glass, and refined the pieces to fit perfectly.

You can see some of the stages here:

- choosing the colours of the stained glass
- cutting and grinding the glass pieces to fit
- building the dish in the kiln
- refining the fused glass disc
- adding noodles and stringers - thin rods of glass to embellish the design and catch the light.

 The disc will then be slumped on a mould to create the bowl shape - I'll show you this next week!

I also produced 8 fused glass coasters - each one is a different design and colour scheme, but they all work really well with the bowl - as a set they bring a wonderful light and vibrancy to any area!

The final work is now for sale - if you'd like to take closer look please see my Chequer extra large round fused glass bowl



  • Glass Art By Linda said:

    Hi Jeannette, no I don’t sell the patterns – they are only for my use so that my work remains unique – I hope you understand! Thanks, Linda

    May 17, 2023

  • Jeannette Meertens said:

    Hello, I love Youri work. Do you sell Patterns of it?
    I live in the Nederlands and tot my hobby I work with glas

    May 17, 2023

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