I recently completed a piece of glass art, called "First Day of Spring". You can see it in the video further down the page.

From the beginnning of designing this piece, I knew I wanted to create a glass sculpture that could sit quite high up in a stand, to make it look special.

The alternative would be to attach it to the wall using stand-offs, but this time I wanted the stand and glass to work together.

I had this wrought iron display stand built to my exact specification - so the geometry of the piece works perfectly with the stand - the lines from the glass follow down through the stand to the table.

As with all my work, this piece is in the Hard Edge art glass style - the strong clean edges of the glass design really compliment the verticals of the stand.

Having the artwork on a stand like this also means I can make the best use of the light, positioning it exactly the right distance away from the wall to get the strongest reflections.

If you're putting glass art on a stand, do think about where you'll put it - on a table, a shelf, a plinth ... how high will the stand be?

A good rule of thumb is that the centre of the piece should be at the most common eyeline for the room.

So ... if it's in your lounge, where you're most commonly reclining on the settee, it'll want to be lower.

In the dining room, you might sit more upright - so it needs to be a little higher.

But if you're displaying it in the hall, you're less likely to sit down - so make sure the glass is positioned where you see it when standing up!

Of course rules are made to be broken - but this should get you thinking!

So ... no, glass artwork doesn't always have to go on the wall!

If you'd like to see more, there's a variety of images of the final fused glass piece here


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