I'm really delighted to show you the final home of my "Wells" glass art 😍

I use a professional "pack & send" company, so I knew it'd be safe on the journey from the UK to USA ... but I still held my breath - so I was delighted when @bairdsbest wrote to me to say

"Everything arrived in perfect condition and I am so excited to have your work and look at it every day!"

"Wells" Glass art on display in the customer's home

"I found your work on Instagram
and I love your colors, shapes and sense of balance." Baird

Baird was a lovely customer, and when I wrote a final thank you, she replied:

"Linda, it was a pleasure working with you, too. The purchase was very smooth and you kept me well informed about the shipping. Everything was packed really well and arrived in excellent condition.

I also really appreciate that you include the handsome iron stand for displaying the work."

It's invaluable for an artist to get testimonials like this - and such a lovely photo - thank you so much, Baird!

You can see more about the Well glass artwork here, including videos from during the production.

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