I recently launched my "Knick-knacks" collection ... a range of Glass Art minis.

They cost under £150, or $185.

Hopefully it means anyone can now afford to start collecting my glass art :)

I love the word "knick-knack" - do you know the definition?

"A small object displayed for its attractiveness or interest"

These are doodads, geegaws, trinkets, tchotchke and curiosities ... my smallest works, all one-off pieces.

I'm unlikely to create more of these smaller pieces, as I'm continuing to develop larger glass artworks now, so when they're gone, they're gone - get them now! 😁

You can see the full range of knick-knacks here

Here's a couple of videos of one of the collection, the rainbow bowls, during production - roll your mouse over, or click to play!

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