My Glass Art studio is divided into a number of main areas:

The Workshop where all the cutting and assembly takes place

The Kiln Area for the hot end of glass art production & finishing.
This is a Pro Fuser kiln from Kilncare

The Kiln area - Pro Fuser Kiln - Glass Art by Linda

The small kiln Room - an additional small kiln for fused glass tests and experiments

The kiln room

The Design & Print Studio, where I develop my ideas using Adobe software

Producing glass art designs in Adobe Photoshop

The Photography Studio, purpose-built for photographing contemporary glass art to a high standard.

Glass Art Photography Studio

The Display Area, where I mount glass art wall pieces in a home of office setting

Fused glass art display area - Glass Art by Linda


 My Glass Art Studio is not open to the public.
However, you're very welcome to get in touch if you'd like to arrange a private viewing of any fused glass pieces. Thanks!