Why do people commission glass artworks?

by Kevin Rossiter, Sept 2023
Commissioning art, whether it's a painting, sculpture or glass art, offers a way for patrons to bring their creative ideas to life in a personalised and often deeply meaningful way.

Glass artwork holds its own unique appeal with its luminous intricate nature and the special shape & colour qualities inherent in the glass itself.

Fused glass art is a relatively new art form that has gained prominence in recent decades, allowing artists to explore new possibilities within the medium.

Commissioning allows individuals to have a direct say in the creative process and ensure the final piece aligns with their vision and preferences. It's a way to obtain a unique and meaningful artwork that might not otherwise exist.

Let’s dig into some of the reasons why an individual might choose to commission a piece of Hard Edge glass art.

1: Transparency and light play

Glass has the captivating ability to manipulate and transmit light in hypnotic ways.

People commission glass art to take advantage of its transparency, creating pieces that interact beautifully with both natural and artificial light sources.

Glass art roundels are particularly good at taking advantage of the light as you can move a roundel around easily within its robust metal frame, until you find the exact perfect spot and perfect angle where its brilliance can be best enjoyed.

Vibrant colours and patterns

Fused glass allows for the creation of intricate hard edge patterns with combinations of vibrant colours that can't be achieved with other art media. For example, someone might commission fused glass art to add a burst of colour and visual interest to a neglected or uninteresting domestic space.

Filling a gap

Sometimes, people commission art when they can't find a piece that matches their vision in the existing art market. Commissioning allows them to fill this creative gap and obtain the perfect artwork for them, all the more so when you consider the relative scarcity of high end glass art compared to the sheer volume of ready-to-buy brush & canvas paintings available everywhere. Inspired glass artwork is both rare and special.

Light and transparency

Fused glass can play with light in unique ways, creating a stunning interplay of transparency and opacity.

For example, a patron might commission fused glass windows, room dividers, or glass lighting fixtures to make the most of its light-enhancing qualities.

Texture and dimension

Fused glass art often includes various layers, adding depth and dimension to the artwork. This tactile quality can be visually captivating and engaging.

Hard edge fused glass artworks use the native transparency and reflective qualities of glass to interact with light. Vivid colour contrasts are achieved through the arrangement of coloured glass pieces.

Fused glass artworks are three-dimensional due to the layered nature of the medium. They can cast shadows, capture light differently, and interact with space from multiple angles. They can be much more versatile than just hanging on a wall, although that’s not wrong either. The natural depth in glass offers a lot when thoughtfully presented to the viewer.

The same glass artwork in different surroundings

Chequer large round fused glass art sculpture - Glass Art by Linda

Capturing the natural light on a windowsill

Chequer large round fused glass art sculpture - Glass Art by Linda

As a central feature in the dining room

In a formal display setting, against a plain white wall

“In all likelihood, I'll keep moving it around for the next day or two until I'm happy that it's in the best place. It is stunning regardless, and I feel very fortunate to have it in my home.”

CI, Northamptonshire UK

2: Aesthetic elegance

The delicate and refined nature of glass art often lends an air of elegance and sophistication to the space where it’s displayed.

It’s almost never coarse or shocking in the way a painting can sometimes be.

Commissioning glass art is a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes, offices, or public areas.

Commissioning a Hard Edge fused glass artwork also provides an opportunity to harness the captivating properties of fused glass with its vivid colours, plays of light, and textural diversity, creating a personalised, meaningful, and functional piece of art.

Whether for home decor, such as utility items (bowls, dishes, mats), or as a cherished gift or memento, fused glass commissions offer a blend of artistic expression and customisation that invariably delights more than expected.

Clean geometric aesthetics

Wells large round fused glass art sculpture

Hard Edge fused glass is known for its crisp lines, precise shapes, and well-defined geometric patterns.

Wells large round fused glass art sculpture

People might commission these artworks to introduce a modern and minimalist aesthetic into their space.

Wells large round fused glass art sculpture

Hard Edge fused glass artworks focus on clean lines, geometric forms, and bold colour contrasts. The style is characterised by a deliberate lack of visible blurring at the edges of components, emphasising a sense of order and precision.

“Just unpacked “Wells” - a new piece of art glass by Linda Rossiter and it looks stunning in my stairway reading nook.”

BN, Washington USA

3: Customised decor

Custom design

Glass artworks can be custom-designed to complement specific interior designs or architectural features. The vibrant colours and delicate textures of an original glass artwork make it a versatile material for adapting perfectly to design styles & spaces.


Commissioned art allows individuals to have a piece tailored to their specific tastes, preferences, and interests. This personal touch makes the artwork more emotionally alive and unique for them.

Customised home and decor

Many people commission art to fit into a particular space or interior design. This way they can choose the size, colours, and style that perfectly complements the surroundings. This customisation makes glass art ideal for personalised home decor.

Chequer extra large round fused glass bowl, fused glass art dish in rainbow colours in the Hard Edge style

Architectural integration

The clean lines and sharp edges of Hard Edge fused glass make it well-suited for architectural integration. Commissioning such bold pieces can help define spaces, add visual interest, or serve as design focal points within buildings, such as a large bright logo piece for a corporate reception atrium, or a splendid geometric bowl for a boardroom.

Custom colour palette for Swirls bowl

Custom colour palettes

Patrons can commission Hard Edge fused glass artworks with custom colour palettes that align with their interior design or personal preferences. Photos can be provided to show the actual colours. This approach generates a cohesive look that always matches the surrounding decor.

"I LOVE the design of this bowl! I was wondering, as you make them yourself, if you would be able to make a similar one but with other colors?"

KS, London UK

4: Symbolism and meaning

Just like any other art form, glass art can carry symbolic meaning.

People might commission glass artworks to represent abstract concepts, commemorate important events, or encapsulate personal stories.

Personal storytelling

Fused glass artworks can incorporate symbolic elements or personal memorabilia, allowing people to tell their stories through art. Commemorating events, memories, or milestones becomes possible through this medium.

For example, one patron celebrated a Hot Air Balloon Festival with a series of colourful glass balloons mounted along a wall over a Bristol skyline.

Gifts and celebrations

Commissioned artworks make thoughtful and memorable gifts for loved ones. They can be tailored to the recipient's interests or favourite design ideas, or serve as a unique way to mark a special occasion.

"I found you on Instagram and absolutely love the work you do. I wanted to reach out about commissioning a piece for my wife in a style similar to her favorite art / artist, but tailored to her"

EQ, Washington, USA

5: Functional art

Fused glass isn't limited to wall hangings or sculptures; it can also be functional.

People might commission fused glass pieces like plates, bowls, coasters, or even tiles for backsplashes.

Roundels are also very popular as they’re so portable and flexible to display. Lift it up and try it in another room if you feel like a change!

Jewellery and accessories

Fused glass can be used to create unique jewellery pieces, such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. These wearable art pieces make for meaningful and one-of-a-kind gifts especially if they accessorise a larger glass piece.

They can easily be tailored to a wardrobe or fashion style.

"Thanks a million and I can’t wait to put it up!"

MH, Palm Beach, USA

Gallery 23 - complementary coasters - Glass Art by Linda

Functional art - fused glass coasters

Gallery 23 - complementary coasters - Glass Art by Linda

Functional art - each art coaster is unique, perfectly matching your room

Gallery 23 - complementary coasters - Glass Art by Linda

Commission a set of fused glass coasters to match your home decor

6: Sculptural beauty

Glass sculptures are known for their intricate details and captivating forms.

People might commission glass sculptures to adorn gardens or public spaces, or to add to their personal art collections.

Hard Edge fused glass art involves precise cutting, arranging, and layering of glass pieces. These pieces are then fused together in a kiln at high temperatures, resulting in a seamless integration of colours and shapes, like a mosaic but with much more interesting shapes in more vivid brilliant colours.

"Linda, it was a pleasure working with you, too. The purchase was very smooth and you kept me well informed about the shipping. Everything was packed really well and arrived in excellent condition. I also really appreciate that you include the handsome iron stand for displaying the work." 

BN, Washington USA

Chequer fused glass art - in production

Precise cutting of glass art

Chequer fused glass art - in the kiln

Building glass art in the kiln

Revealing fused glass artwork

7: Commemoration

Reverse Rainbow Waveform dish - Glass Art by Linda
Meaningful Connection
Artwork is often commissioned to commemorate a special event, milestone, or something a person feels has deep sentimental value.
It becomes a tangible representation of these cherished memories or significant moments.
It becomes a new physical connection.
Gallery 23 - Glass Art by Linda

Glass art can serve as a touching way to remember a loved one or commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, festival or ceremony. Ashes or mementos can be incorporated into glass pieces as a lasting tribute.

People commission art for various reasons, such as wanting a personalised piece that holds special meaning, while matching a specific theme or decor in a space, and perhaps commemorating an event or person, or even a desire to support and collaborate with an international glass artist - like Linda Rossiter.

Glass Art Knick-knacks: Rainbow stripes fused glass dish

Gifts and celebrations 

Small Hard edge glass artworks can make thoughtful small gifts for sundry occasions. They can be tailored to the recipient's interests or the significance of the event, or even made to match a larger piece purchase.

Glass Art Knick-knacks: Large glass art mat in fused glass

"Safely in its new home. I was surprised it arrived so quickly. Thanks again for your beautiful art and bringing some sunshine into our home."

EW, Virginia, USA

8: Collaboration with Linda Rossiter

Collaborating with Linda enables patrons to become part of the creative process.

Ideas can be discussed, colour schemes chosen and layouts approved to produce a truly personalised artwork.

For some patrons it’s fun to see the latest work-in-progress photos or videos posted and shared on Instagram.

Artistic collaboration

Commissioning offers an opportunity for collaboration between Linda and her patron. The patron can provide input and feedback throughout the fairly systematic creative process, resulting in a piece that reflects both Linda's skill and the patron's personal and probably unique vision.

"I love the direction, vision, and options you put together - thank you"

EQ, Washington, USA

9: Art as investment

Linda Rossiter - Glass Art by Linda

Linda Rossiter

Glass art created by renowned artists can appreciate in value over time, making it an attractive investment opportunity for collectors.

As also mentioned, top glass artwork is fairly scarce, making it less likely to depreciate.

“It’s unlikely to lose money, and much more likely to gain”.

Unique creations

Commissioned art often yields one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. This exclusivity can make the artwork even more special and valuable.

Premium Works: Under the Sea: Fused glass wall art

A final quote ...

"Absolutely stunning!
Your work is brilliant!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Couldn’t be any better!"

LJ, Michigan, USA


Glass captures light with thrilling transparency and colour.

It adds an aesthetic elegance no other media can really emulate.

It can be customised to existing decor.

Glass art commissions often reflect a deeper meaning, a personal story that deserves to be told.

Your best memories and fondest feelings can live on through glass art.

Collaborating and supporting an artist is something many patrons enjoy.

And who knows, one day when we're wining & dining at Maxim’s in Paris, your artwork might be worth a little fortune 🙂