Linda Rossiter - Glass Artist

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Linda Rossiter - Hard Edge glass art pioneer

About me - the short version!
I'm Linda Rossiter, and 
I’ve been lucky enough to be a professional artist all my life, in many different media. But the most perfect one for me is glass.

As a full-time glass artist, I've created all the work you see here - each piece an original one-off fine art glass design - bright and colourful pieces to complement a range of contemporary decors and moods.

I also make multi-piece sets for collectors.

I produce fused glass art from my studio kiln - Fused glass wall art, glass sculptures and large bowls - fused glass artworks to dominate space, bringing life to any wall, room or area.

I also work with copper foil, producing stained glass panels & terrariums.

Stained glass vase

I design everything bespoke, starting with pencil sketches, then moving to digital to perfect them. I enjoy sharing the process of design, colour selection and the many levels of producing work.

I have a lively Instagram page where I regularly post about what I'm doing.

I have a glass workshop, a design & display studio, and a kiln room at my home art studio.

Although my art studio isn’t open to the public, I do welcome visitors by appointment.


I'm a UK glass artist, living and working in Skelmersdale, West Lancs. I've been a professional artist all my life, in many different media.

At 15, I won first prize in a national painting competition, sponsored by the National Gallery, and a Bishops Chorister Award for singing in Westminster Abbey.

This was followed by A levels in Art & Art History, a Diploma in Fine Art, and a degree in Scientific & Technical Graphics.

After university, I started a video & animation business, producing corporate video for a mix of national and international clients, from supermarkets to banks.

This business worked well for 30 years. As Creative Director I won thirteen awards for graphic & video productions, including international and national awards.

Although my job was creatively satisfying, I was always in front of a screen, so in my spare time, I prefered to work more with my hands, with paint, ink & pencil, fabric, polymer clay, silver clay and mosaics.

In 2013 I started working with stained glass. The light, reflections and strong colours, combined with my geometric hard-edge designs - I knew this was the medium that I would stay with.

In 2021 I became a full-time glass artist, selling my pieces worldwide and with an active social media presence to share my work.