You might have seen a piece of glass art that you’d like to own … something special you want to live with forever … but do you know how to display it?

Art glass display raises an awful lot of questions, like - Where will it go? - How will it fit in with my interior design ideas? - does it need special fittings?

There’s also a bunch of other questions you might have, regarding size, stands, wall mounts, safety, lighting and the all-important overall impression you want to make.

I’m fortunate to be married to a Scriptwriter / Researcher (amongst many other things!) who’s actually physically looked at, and lived with many glass art pieces from many different angles and lighting conditions. The result is his useful blog:
How to display Hard Edge glass art in your home

I think there’s some great ideas Kevin has here for glass art display in the home … all richly illustrated with examples - from informal settings with plants to formal gallery arrangements.

Do have a read - I’d be really interested to know what you think as I’m collecting more and more display ideas every day!

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