I'm opening the kiln to see Rainbow Remnants as a single piece for the first time.

This piece was inspired by the colour bars in my workshop.

An abstract work, it contains a wide range of art glass rainbow colours. Once complete, it'll be a large rectangular piece of glass wall art.

I held a vote on instagram to finalise the name ... Salvaged Spectrum? Conglomeration? Second Life? Rainbow Remnants was the winner :)

It uses the many offcuts of glass I have saved and sorted from previous projects, so they're all fairly small pieces. It was more complicated than I anticipated to fit perfectly, but I think it'll be worth the effort!

I fitted together the 127 separate pieces of glass on the kiln shelf - like a jigsaw - with a clear piece on the top. 

Then the glass was fully fused to make a single piece.

Opening the kiln here, 127 pieces went in - you see only one come out 😁

Looks good to me!


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