This week, someone on my Instagram asked the question "How do you start a design, and choose the palette?"

So I made the video below to answer. Here's a little more detail:

I work through each stage of the design quite slowly, focusing on just one thing at a time until I'm really happy with it.

Using my own reference photos, I normally start sketching my ideas in pencil, until I have something that sparks my interest.

Then I redraw the sketch in vector software, Affinity Designer, refining and developing the lines until it's really balanced, and pleasing to look at.

I really want to love the design in black and white lines before I ever move on!

Once I'm happy, I open the design in Photoshop, where I have created a library of all my glass colours, and I start to fill in the different sections.

I might do a few colour versions. I leave them open on my computer monitor so that I can see them from different distances, at different times of the day.

When I think it's right, I print out the black & white design on cardboard, and, using my Photoshop version as a guide, I put corresponding glass chips on each section.

I often change my mind - if I don't think the balance of opaque and transparent is right - or if I don't have enough glass - or if I find a different sheet that's better.

Then I'm ready to start cutting!!!

If you have any questions, please write to me here - I'll always do my best to answer!


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