The 10 Sweet Spot Moments when buying glass art

How do you really feel at the very moment you’re actually buying a glass artwork? 

Why do you even buy art? What’s your expectation when you buy? What stops you buying? What feelings drive you to buy any sort of art?

I believe there’s always a Sweet Spot Moment in the middle of buying something you love, a special moment unique to you that compels you to buy this time, and not walk away dreaming about it.

Here are my favourite 10 Sweet Spot Moments, the last 60 seconds before I click to buy!

Sweet Spot Moments - 1 - No one ever regrets buying beautiful art
Sweet Spot Moments - 2 - Always accept more joy in your life!
Sweet Spot Moments - 3 - Always get behind a change for the better
Sweet Spot Moments - 4 - We all love buying beautiful art
Sweet Spot Moments - 5 - This time it's perfect!
Sweet Spot Moments - 6 - I prefer people to things - but things come a close second!!!
Sweet Spot Moments - 7 - Once in a while you should buy the thing you really love for the person you really love
Sweet Spot Moments - 8 - Life's too short to keep saying no for too long
Sweet Spot Moments - 9 - Press click and make life a little bit more perfect
Sweet Spot Moments - 10 - If you can afford it, you deserve it!

Whichever Sweet Spot Moment touches your heart when you’re buying glass art - act on it

because making decisions is what got you where you are today!