Wells: Large round fused glass art sculpture

Unique glass roundel in vivid colours in a Hard Edge glass art style
£2,645.00 GBP
How it's made

MATERIALS: Fused glass

The Wells round art glass sculpture is made of approx 92 individual pieces of Spectrum 96 Art Glass.

The pieces of the pattern are each cut by hand from larger sheets of art glass.

Each piece is individually ground until they all fit together perfectly.

The pieces are then placed in a specialised glass kiln, with a clear layer of glass on top. They are fused at 800ºC to create a single 6mm thick piece of flat glass. This takes around 16 hours.

Once cooled, this flat piece is then burnished with polishing pads.
I then add stringers - thin strips of glass that sit on the surface to add another layer of depth and interest. Again it’s kiln-fused overnight for a fire polish.

At each of the three overnight firing stages, the glass is annealed and cooled for a minimum of 12 hours each for maximum strength and durability.

While the production process is painstaking and lengthy, it's the only way to get the wonderful finished look of glass art.

About this work

I designed the pattern and colour scheme of this Wells glass art.

Each of my glass objects are one of a kind - I never do identical objects. Even where the designs are related, they all have a completely unique colour combination.

During the glass fusing, small air bubbles can appear and become trapped within the glass. This is a natural occurrence that adds to the beauty of handmade glass art.

Care of your glass

Even the strongest glass can break, so please handle your glass art with care.

When needed, dust it with a lint-free cloth, or wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Don't use an abrasive cleaner as this could scratch it.

When moving the piece, please carry the stand and disc separately, so they don't bang together.

With flowers and greenery

Display ideas

Organic shapes work particularly well with this geometric design. Fake or real, all greenery looks good with the glass!

With other vibrant objects

Display ideas

Glass doesn’t have to stand alone. Display it with other similar - or contrasting objects. It will shine through the mix!

During production - shared stories

Actual comments from 77k Instagram views to date

"Incredible. I love how you show space in your work."

"Absolutely stunning work 💚💗💙"

"Beautiful, I love seeing your inspiration and the step by step process. 😍"

"That’s absolutely stunning, Linda! I was a chorister there in the 80s and spent a long time staring up at that view - a really special view for me. You’ve captured it so beautifully!"

Certificate of Authenticity

Handmade in the UK in my Glass Studio in West Lancashire, each glass art roundel comes with a signed  Certificate of Authenticity, plus a small discrete “Linda ‘23” signature etched on the back of the glass, so you can be sure your piece is an original work

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