About Linda Rossiter, Glass Artist

About Linda - Glass Artist

The magic of contemporary glass art

Linda Rossiter bio - an artist’s journey in glass

Linda’s glass art is the result of Three Kinds of Magic

- a Magic Eye that knows what looks right, and when, particularly with colour and proportion

- Magic Hands to flawlessly shape intricate visions into beautiful glass art

- a Magic Heart that inspires and drives all else, suffusing all works with Linda Magic.

These three kinds of magic - eye, hands & heart - are the gifts Linda was born with, and what make her unique and different compared to many others.

Linda Rossiter
Linda Rossiter

Linda’s journey with glass arrived in middle life, once her four children became more independent.

But the artist's journey started at an early age.

Linda’s Mum, Tessa, spotted Linda’s talent as a young child and pushed her in all directions to try and discover what she did best.

Tessa even took Linda on a grand European art tour, from The Louvre to Venice to Rome.

“... and we endlessly went round the galleries in the centre of London, the theatre and art exhibitions - every week”

Tessa’s persistence led to Linda winning the prestigious Bishop’s Chorister Award at 12 years of age for soprano singing in Westminster Abbey. She also achieved Grade 8 for her piano playing.

Linda & Tessa in Rome 1981
Linda & Tessa in Rome 1981
Bishop’s Chorister Award
Bishop’s Chorister Award
Young artist
Young artist

At 15, she won first prize in a national painting competition ICI Paint sponsored by the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

This was followed by A levels in Art & Art History, a Diploma in Fine Art, and a degree in Scientific & Technical Graphics, which was considered an unusual subject for a girl at the time. She was also accepted into Mensa, which she quickly left as they were all “boring old men”.

ICI Paint award
ICI Paint award
The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

After university, she started a video & animation business, producing corporate video for a mix of national and international clients, with work that ranged from suites of training videos for Lidl that are still used in all their stores, to filming the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Studio Rossiter Video Production

As Creative Director she collected 11 awards for her video productions, including international and national awards.

Video awards
Video awards
Video and animation work
Video and animation work

This was all carried off while bringing up four children and running a busy home.

While all this was going on Linda naturally carried on with all her creative interests such as photography, polymer clay jewellery, silver clay jewellery, and mosaics for indoors and outdoors.

This ultimately led to working with copper foil stained glass, which naturally developed into the fused glass art we see today.

Glass background - and why it happened

Linda’s love of glass art started quite by accident while on a trip to Turin 15 years ago. She took a “wrong turn” in the city centre and ended up in a granite-faced side street near the old university, where she discovered her first ever glassware shop.

This was an epiphany, a lightning bolt moment for Linda.

The inside of the stained glass shop was much bigger than the narrow frontage would allow. And for Linda it was a new world of glass and wonder, an Aladdin’s cave.

She was so captured by all the beautiful, many coloured glassware on display that the Italian owner noticed this, taking her into the back where all the glass stock was held. He ended up giving her a personal guided tour of his business.

All in under an hour to make a lifetime impression.

With the pressures of life & family, it all went on hold for a few years, but it was never forgotten when three years ago Linda began seriously producing glass art.

And as luck would have it, Adrian Brentnall, a long-experienced glass artist in Cork saw her ability and took her under his wing, generously sharing his many techniques of glass art making, techniques that took him a lifetime to learn.


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